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Why we're so special

Headlights Forever is professional car headlight restoration in Central London. Our expert team is dedicated to restoring the clarity and appearance of your headlights, ensuring optimal visibility and safety on the roads. Using premium quality chemicals is the fastest and the most efficient method to get your headlights looking like brand new for ages.

Why Choose Headlights Forever?

6 Advantages Restoring Your Car Headlights

Safety First

Your safety on the road is our top priority. By restoring your headlights, we ensure optimal visibility, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall driving safety, especially during nightime travel

Revive to Perfection

Say goodbye to cloudy, oxidized, and yellowed headlights. Our advanced restoration techniques bring back the glory of your old headlights, transforming them into their original pristine condition. Enjoy a refreshed appearance that enhances the overall aesthetics of your vehicle

Long-Lasting Results

Extend the lifespan of your headlights with our professional restoration service. We address common issues such as fading and degradation, preserving the quality and functionality of your headlights for years to come

Value Enhancement

Well-maintained and clear headlights contribute to the overall value of your car. Whether you’re selling your vehicle or simply want to enjoy a pristine look, our restoration service maximizes its resale value and curb appeal

Cost-Effective Solution

Say goodbye to hefty expenses associated with headlight replacement. Our restoration service offers a cost-effective alternative, saving you money without compromising on quality. Restore your headlights to their former glory and enjoy the benefits of clear, bright illumination without breaking the bank

MOT Compliance Assurance

Ensure your car passes its MOT test with flying colors. Cloudy or deteriorated headlights can lead to MOT failure. By restoring your headlights, you eliminate the possibility of MOT failure, saving you the inconvenience and expense of retesting

Step-by-Step DIY Headlight Restoration:

wash headlights

1. Clean the Headlights:
Start by thoroughly cleaning the headlights using a mild soap or automotive cleaner. Remove any dirt, grime, or debris that may have accumulated on the surface.

sand headlights

2. Sand the Headlights:
Gently sand the headlights using fine-grit sandpaper. Begin with a lower grit to remove any surface imperfections, then gradually move to a higher grit for a smoother finish. Avoid excessive sanding, as it can damage the headlights.

polish headlights

3. Polish the Headlights:
Apply a quality headlight polish to restore clarity and remove any remaining scratches. Use a clean microfiber cloth and apply the polish in a circular motion. Continue until the headlights regain their shine. Avoid using abrasive or harsh polishes that may further damage the headlights.

seal headlights

4. Seal the Headlights:
Protect the restored headlights by applying a UV-resistant sealant or clear coat. This will help prevent future yellowing and keep the headlights looking clear and vibrant. Avoid using sealants that are not specifically designed for automotive headlights, as they may not provide adequate protection.

Safety Tips and Precautions for DIY Headlight Restoration:

What to Avoid:

Maintaining and Extending the Lifespan of Headlights

To keep your restored headlights in optimal condition and prolong their lifespan, follow these maintenance practices:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Clean headlights with a mild automotive cleaner or soapy water and a soft cloth to remove dirt and debris.
  2. UV Protection: Apply a quality UV protectant to shield headlights from harmful rays, preventing yellowing and discoloration.
  3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Use gentle cleaners and avoid abrasive materials to prevent scratches or damage.
  4. Proper Storage: Cover headlights with a UV-resistant headlight cover or park in a shaded area to protect them from direct sunlight.
  5. Weather Protection: Park in covered areas during extreme weather conditions like hail, heat, or snow to prevent potential damage.
  6. Regular Inspection: Check headlights for cracks or moisture buildup and address any issues promptly.

At Headlights Forever, we provide expert restoration services and share secret advice during the process to ensure long-lasting results. Our techniques and high-quality materials keep headlights clear for at least two years without additional maintenance.


Headlights are typically made of polycarbonate plastic, which can be affected by UV rays, environmental factors, and oxidation. This causes the headlights to become cloudy or yellowed over time.

Our restoration process is designed to provide long-lasting results. When headlights are restored by our team and receive proper maintenance, they can maintain their brand-new appearance for up to 4 years. Our restoration method, combined with regular care, ensures that your headlights stay clear, bright, and aesthetically pleasing for an extended period.

Headlight restoration is not a permanent solution, as headlights will eventually degrade over time due to environmental factors and UV exposure. However, regular maintenance and proper care can help prolong the results of the restoration.

Generally, DIY headlight restoration can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the specific restoration kit or method used. Professional headlight restoration services usually take around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The cost of headlight restoration (DIY or professional), depends on car model and headlights damage. DIY restoration can range from £30 to £50, while professional services typically cost between £65 to £120.

Yes, headlight restoration can help diminish the appearance of minor scratches on headlights. However, deep or severe scratches may require additional repair methods or even headlight replacement.

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